About Me

Hej, I’m Becca. I moved from the U.S. to Sweden in July 2019. I decided to start a blog documenting the moving process, my journey adapting to Swedish culture, and more. I also plan on sharing some more specific American things, such as typical American holiday traditions, recipes, and other related information as part of my own culture and identity.

I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but moved here after living in Austin, TX, so a lot of my experience here will deal with my exposure to those specific US locations.

I currently work at an app startup in Stockholm called Fishbrain, it’s a great app with a great team, and if you’re into fishing I highly recommend checking it out. Fishbrain has been great at helping with the visa sponsorship process, etc that enabled me to move here.

About Me


Hej there, I'm Becca. Before I visited (and eventually moved) to Sweden - I wanted all the information I could gather. I decided to document my journey here, for other curious minds. Read More


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